Wedding Venues


Ravine Wedding Venues Map


A cozy space for small events such as Mehendi. The blend of the lights, the colorful flowers around the fountain and the beautiful landscape will create a magic ambiance.

Price begins At 50,000.00 Per Day

Hall / Upper Deck

The Hall is an ideal venue for an indoor event. The mix of music, colors and the love of your attendees will make your wedding an unforgettable experience, and use the upper deck to set up the Mandap. The bewitching landscape behind the groom and the bride while they carry out the sacred ritual to usher in their new life together will for sure keep all of your attendees mesmerized.

Price begins At 50,000.00 Per Day


All of our four courts are ideal for a higher number of attendees. The red carpet, the fresh wind of the afternoon along with the different hues of orange in the sky during the sunset will offer your wedding that luxurious style you were looking for.

Price begins At 60,000.00 Per Day / Per Court.

Seating Arrangement

Layout for Wedding Setup

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