Wedding Catering

Catering for Wedding


With the best food in the area the Melting Pot by Ravine Hotel is the way to go, be it a large, mid or small sized event, our full-range of outdoor and indoor catering services cover complete food preparation and presentation.

Our passion for bringing food and people together shines through in beautiful, flavor filled home-style cooking. We keep things fresh with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and cooking.

We’ll work with your theme and dietary needs. Be it Rajasthan, South Indian, Punjabi or the whatever style you prefer we and our partners create bespoke menus that are truly unique to your wedding party.

We are here to make your occasion the most memorable, well organized with the best food for the special couple and their guest at the ceremony. Be sure to have a worry free and smooth event with the Melting Pot by Ravine Hotel catering your party.

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