Live map updates of Paragliding in pune – panchgani

Are you a Paragliding lover who loves to fly but doesn’t have any idea if the place you selected to enjoy your passion of flying is safe of not??

To help you and other enthusiasts seeking to fly, we have attached the paragliding map shown above.
• It will help you select the location from where you want to fly.
• You can also refer to Wind Speeds, Directions, Altitude, clouds and all such important parameters simultaneously.
• Confirm if the spot you selected to fly from is favorable or not. You can also check live updates of your paragliding spot easily with this map.

Quick tips about this map

• Yellow Smile:)   Site is favorable to fly.
• Red Sad Face:(   Site conditions are currently not favorable for flying.
• Silver ? mark  ?  Current info is not available for that place as local station has not updated its weather report.
• Blue  balloons:    A safe landing place.

We are sure that this map will be helpful to you in your paragliding flights in and around Pune and Panchgani area when you visit us, or even wherever you are located or plan to paraglide!

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