The perfect road trip – list of places to visit during Monsoon in India

Monsoon is the most awaited season for everybody in India. It brings respite from the heat and most importantly, it is a significant period for farmers to grow their crops. Rains also serve as a wonderful excuse to undertake short leisure holidays to nearby places. So take out your car, bike or catch a local bus to one of this places

Monsoon in India:

Monsoon in Maharashtra
Western Ghats

The monsoon season in India generally begins from mid-June and lasts till September. During this season, one can also visit the rain forests. You can spot varied types of animals and birds in such forests, including endangered species such as clouded leopard, Indian bison, hornbills, etc.

Rain forests in India are located in the Assam valley, the lower regions in the states of Meghalaya, Mizoram, in addition to the Western Ghats. They play a vital role in stabilizing the climate, maintaining the water cycle and generating large amounts of rainfall.

Rains Begin Early in Maharashtra:

Rains in Maharashtra
Maharashtra in monsoon

In some states such as Maharashtra, monsoon may commence from the first week of June itself. Whether you are staying in the capital city of Mumbai or in other cities like Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, etc. the entire state of Maharashtra in monsoon is a delight to visit.

People staying in Mumbai, regarded as the most populous city in the nation often take breaks during this season. These leisure trips are easy to plan, since the city enjoys close proximity to some wonderful hill-stations, which can be reached in a span of 3-4 hours by road.

If you are planning a sojourn and looking for fun places to visit in monsoon, here’s a peep into some locations that will provide you the much-needed change from your routine life:


bhandardara in rains
places to visit in monsoon

Around 4 hours away from Mumbai, Bandardhara is popular for its lakes, dams and waterfalls. Water discharged from the dam forms several rivulets running down the part that is situated at the base of the dam.

You can take a nice walk along the lake shore and enjoy the scenic view with greenery all around. Avid trekkers can try climbing up the 400 year old Ratnagad Fort.





Lonavala is amongst the most highly visited monsoon places in Maharashtra. Stationed between Mumbai and Pune, Mumbai residents can take the super-fast expressway and reach this spot in less than 3 hours. Once the rains descend, Lonavala turns lush with greenery, an added enjoment over the lovely chilly weather.

Popular tourist spots include Tiger’s Point, Bhushi Dam, Rajmachi Point, Duke’s Nose and Tungarli Lake, etc.

Mahabaleshwar / Panchgani:

panchgani in momsoon
amazing panchgani

A hill-station situated in the Western Ghats, you can reach Panchgani in just 5 hours from Mumbai. It is not just a perfect honeymoon spot but several families also travel to this place during monsoons. Don’t miss the Venna Lake, a major sightseeing attraction. Trees surround this picturesque lake from all sides.

Another scenic wonder in Panchgani is the Lingmala waterfalls, which is a marvelous sight for sore eyes. Water descends from the top of a steep cliff and drops right into the Venna Lake. The glittering water falling down from an unbelievable height of 600 feet transcends you to a completely different world.

You can opt for a boat ride, go horse-riding and then relish the local food offered by tiny eateries near the lake. Situated at an altitude of 4500 feet over sea level. Table-Land is a famous tourist attraction in this vacationer’s paradise enfolded by hills.

Tourists seeking budget hotels options in Panchgani should have a look at the Ravine hotel, which provides top-class accommodation at reasonable tariffs. The rooms of the hotel offer spectacular views of the beautiful valley and the mountains.

Instead of sitting by your window and gazing at the rains, pack a few clothes, take your car keys or rent a car and visit Panchgani for a thoroughly enjoyable experience this monsoon. Don’t forget your camera to capture the special rainy moments forever!

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