Tennis tournaments 2013

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Time for Kids to Gear Up for the Panchgani Tennis Tournament

With the French Open slated to begin on May 26 this year, tennis lovers of all ages will be glued to their television sets. But before this major tennis tournament commences, there is another event involving this exciting sport that is going to be held at the Ravine hotel, Panchgani and is exclusively meant for kids less than 14 years of age.

Tennis – A popular game since 1880s:

It was the British who introduced this sport to India around the 1880s and since then it has gained immense popularity. Tennis in India enjoys a large following and moreover players from our country have achieved worldwide recognition and won prestigious grand slams such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, etc.

Individuals who are keen to learn tennis as a hobby or pursue it as a career can make use of the tennis clubs in different cities across India. These associations have tennis courts inside their premises where you can practice the sport. Although most clubs require you to enroll as members and pay a fee, there are a few clubs that let you engage in the game for free.

Be a Part of the Tennis Game at Ravine hotel:

This resort is a preferred option for individuals keen on a summer retreat but few are aware of the fact that this hotel, overlooking the beautiful valleys of Panchgani, is one of the rare hotels with tennis courts in India, offering state-of-the-art facilities.

Ravine hotel is organizing a Super Series Tennis Tournament along with the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association (MSLTA) for children below 14 years. The 5-day event gives youngsters an opportunity to exhibit their talent and win prizes galore. Families accompanying the kids can cheer for them whilst appreciating the breath-taking view of the valley.

Affiliation with MSLTA:

Ravine Hotel is associated with the esteemed MSLTA. This organization, based out of Mumbai is the sole governing federation concerning tennis and conducts major tennis tournaments across Maharashtra, of state, national and global ranking.

Apart from developing and propagating the sport, they also have their own training facilities and organize coaching camps at the centre. Officials of the hotel and MSLTA ensure that the games played in the contest are on a fair basis and in accordance with the rules.

Earmark these Dates in your Calendar:

The Super Series Tennis Tournament will begin with qualifying sign-in games starting from 3rd May from 12-2 pm. They will be followed by a main draw sign-in held on 4th and 5th May respectively. The main draw matches shall commence from 6th May onwards. The contest will end on 10th May. All the matches shall be played at the Ravine hotel tennis courts.

Make your bookings in advance to avoid any unnecessary hassles. And don’t forget to check in from the social media application Foursquare from your cell phone when you reach. This simple process which barely takes a minute entitles you to some cool gifts and special offers.

For teens, there couldn’t be a better way of spending their summer vacations. They can participate in the event as well as stay at the Ravine hotel with their family to enjoy the wonderful hospitality it provides.

Parents should also encourage their children to take part in such competitions, which help to hone their skills. Who knows, one of them could turn out to be the next Mahesh Bhupathi or Sania Mirza representing India at international levels and making the nation proud!

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