Monsoon, heavens on earth in Panchgani…!!!

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Monsoon is the season of love and romance. Panchgani is one of the best destinations for monsoon vacations. The meaning of Panchgani is “five hills”, Panch means five and Gani means hill. So you can judge by its name, how beautiful it would be, to be surrounded with five hills… All seasons in Panchgani give the nature here a new looks, but the view of nature here in monsoon is mesmerizing. Away from crowded city rains, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the heaven on Earth..?  And one of the best nature viewing accommodations here is Hotel Ravine.

Hotel Ravine has a view of valley from its rooms. Right through the window, you get a clear view of valley and the hills covered with mist. And even its Melting Pot Restaurant gives you a breathtaking view of valley with river Krishna flowing through it and the foggy hills. The scene of rain in the valley will pour out your heart.  Sometimes Hotel Ravine itself gets covered with the fog and mist as it is on the edge of the valley. Sidney Point, located besides Hotel Ravine, gives you the clear view of Ravine dipped in the cold mist. The cool breeze will freeze you in love with the nature view to the bottom of your heart. The sight of hailstones with the rains will touch you deep in your heart. In such a cool and pleasant climate, who would want to miss such a heavenly feel of nature..! Hotel Ravine is the destination you are looking forward to enjoy your monsoon. Being a hill station, Panchgani serves you with its cool climate and heavenly nature. The dawn at Panchgani is wet yet peaceful, and the evening turns to be very foggy and wet. The winds in the evening will whisper in your ears and flow through your veins and chill you from inside. Imagine yourself sitting at the window of its room in a cold evening with a cup of hot beverage in your hand and taking a look at the valley, how unbelievably breathtaking it would be! So why not give it a try? No one would ever want to leave the view of Hotel Ravine and the climate of Panchgani…Once you come here, you will want to visit back again and again and again… Hotel Ravine is the place that you will never forget.

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